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After all, the winners in this post-apocalyptic world will be the companies with the most first-party data, namely from login and apps, etc. This of course puts Google, Facebook and Amazon in a very good place within the digital advertising landscape

Eux ont déjà cumulé tellement de data et continue de le faire, que ce n’est pas un point (trop) bloquant à leurs analyses … et les entreprises pourraient vouloir acheter ces datas

L’article sur https://www.chromium.org/Home/chromium-privacy/privacy-sandbox est aussi super intéressant pour comprendre la structure et le côté technique

L’appel d’infos et la collecte différente est déjà en route :

According to Ari Paparo, the short list of digital marketing activities and technologies at very high risk of extinction are the following:

  • View-through conversion attribution for display banner ads will not work anymore. Say hello to good ol’ last-click attribution!
  • Overall multi-touch attribution solutions will also be obsolete as a result, with perhaps a few exceptions.
  • DMPs without a first-party subdomain server solution are simply finished. (For example, Adobe Audience Manager and Eularian might have a chance as a result of them seeing this coming years ago and securing a first-party server call option. Smart move!)
  • Third-party data vendors in general are finished. If the tracking method collects through a third-party cookie across the web: Goodbye!

Sans parler d’arrivée de plus en plus des stats et de la data science pour « relier » et « lire » les données.

This is because Bayesian statistics and data science will play a big role in stitching back together the mess that will be your marketing performance attribution and measurement data

L’article source : https://www.adviso.ca/en/blog/tech-en/cookie-apocalypse/

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